Dr. Rajesh G. Patil

(IQAC Coordinator and Director of MCA)


The college has a well-established Moot Court Association which was established in 2010 with a view to make students compete in National Level and State Level Moot Courts and Moot trials and other contests relating to advocacy skills. The College selects the best students from the college and encourages them to participate in various State Level and National Level Moot Court and Moot trial competitions. The MCA practice was started for developing the Advocacy skills in the students and so that they build a competence for themselves while competing with law students all over India. The college has so far won many National level and state level Moots as well as the prizes for the Best advocate, Best Judgment and Best Power point presentation. The college organizes Intra College Moot Court competition at the beginning of each year so that the best students from the college can be recognized. Every year this competition is organized before the end of even semesters. These students who participate in this Intra College Moot are then allowed to join MCA. Once the students join MCA a regular training as to practical skill in addition is given to them. Eminent Lawyers of the Amravati always guides these students through their practical experiences. The Best teams from these MCA members are selected through their performances and then they participate in various Moots organized all over India. This practice has literally helped the students to develop advocacy skills and further test their competence at national Level. This year the MCA activities were systematically arranged with more vigor as a result of which This year also the MCA won many prizes in various competitions organized at National and State Levels