Intra College Moot

Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh College of Law,

Morshi Road, Amravati


Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh College of Law has set a practice of organizing Moot court competition at the college level since 2014-2015.  The Competition is known as Intra-College Moot Court Competition.  Every year an Intra Moot court Competition is organized by the College for all the students.  Large number of students actively participate in the completion.  A special moot problem (focusing on hypothetical dispute between the parties) is given to the students.  The Intra-Moot Court competition require students to undertake research in order to argue and defend their respective cases, as well as to draft better written submissions and engage with the opposing team’s written and oral submissions. The teams are selected and further the teams prepare and submit the memorials and argue for the same.  It being a competition, Best Team and Best Mooter are awarded.

The Intra-College Moot Court competition is conducted to create passion and zeal amongst the students for the Moot Court competition and further inculcate fine lawyering skills in the budding lawyers.  The Competition also brings forward the skills and hidden ability of the students.  This facilitates the MCA Director and the MCA team to spot the talented and interested students who can represent the College in the State and National Level Competition.

Program Specific Out-comes:

PSO 1: Introducing students to court proceedings that arise from a (hypothetical) dispute between parties.

PSO 2: Inculcate and nurture critical thinking skills along with fine lawyering skills, research skills,  drafting and argumentative skills in  the students

PSO 3: MCA Director and the Team can spot hidden mooting (researching, drafting and augmenting) abilities of the students and prepare them for further Moot Court Competitions

PSO 4: Encourage students to participate in State, National And International Level Moot Court Competition

PSO 5: Prepare students to face the legal field