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Re-Accredited by NAAC with 'B' Grade C.G.P.A. of 2.6


To make the institution a temple of higher legal learning by 'Kindling the light in the inquisitiveness in the hearts of pupils, thereby making them capable of understanding the basic purpose and spirit of law and justice. Dr.Panjabrao Deshmukh College of Law aims at imparting such legal

education whereby it disciples come out of the clear picture of the society in which they move. They have the intense desire to eradicate the evils existing in the society, the future lawyer coning out of this alma mater have clear picture about the existing social system as they are the people endowed with the desire to change it.

  1. To impart higher education to the youth who are deprived of educational facilities.
  2. To inculcate the spirit of equality, tolerance and co-operation in the Student
  3. To make available sports and games facilities to improve the physical fitness of the students and to train and enable them to participate in various competitions.
  4. To cultivate patriotic feelings in the students.
  5. To train the students to become self-reliant in life.
  6. To create the sense of duty towards the family, society and nation in the minds of students.


  1. The governing body of the college / society is always extending their hands of co-operation to help the students to achieving their goals.
  2. The learned teaching staff of the college is dedicated to help the students and to bring out their best.
  3. One of the most displinguishing features of the college is its huge computerised library well equipped with Books, Law Journals, Periodicals, AIR CD-ROM 19501995 etc.
  4. The college Magazine 'SOUVENIRĀ“ affords excellent opportunities to the student to show of their writing skills.
  5. The College provides Internet facilities for the students. Courts, Seminar, Group Discussion,
  6. The college organises Moot Workshop, for the students for their all round development.
  7. The college has guest faculty of eminent lawyers

Legal profession is one of the most noble profession all over the World. This profession ensure justice and equality for all and availing on opportunity to the public to get themselves enlighted and protected. No doubt legal profession is both adventurous as well as exciting and lucrative but it also gives many employment opportunities. Some of the important areas of employment and self employment are mentioned below.

  1. Advocate
  2. Judge / Magistrate in Judicial Service
  3. Lecturer Reader / Professor.
  4. Public Prosecutor.
  5. Law Officer
  6. Labour Commissioners.
  7. Attorney General.
  8. Notery.
  9. Legal Translator.
  10. Legal Consultant.
  11. Legal Manager.
  12. Solicitor.
  13. Advocate General.
  14. Administrator.
  15. Legal Officer / Law Assistant in Banking, Military, Railway, Income Tax etc.
  16. Useful to C.A./CS./M.B.A. students as the LL.B. Course is in closed resemblance with the same.


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